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Our consultation service provides the opportunity for us to listen and learn about your Diversity and Inclusion needs.  In addition, the consultation is a chance for us to answer any questions you might have, as well as the chance for us to ask questions about your goals.

We offer a FREE 15 - 30 minute pre-consultation.  Consultations can be conducted in person, if feasible, but in most instances by telephone or other electronic devices; skype or video conference.​

Associates for Inclusion pre-consultation service is a FREE service, however we encourage you to prepare your issues, concerns and goals beforehand, as our time and yours is valuable.  Please, give us a call or use the contact button. ​  


Our assessment services further the data collection process and help us to better determine your Diversity and Inclusion needs.  Often times, it is presumed that Cultural Diversity or Diversity and Inclusion is simple training, but it's much more.  The assessment will provide us with the information we need to assign the appropriate delivery of services.

Much of the assessment will involve questions and surveys, however in some instances "boots on the ground" may be necessary in order to fully assess the service needs.  In addition, some assessments require more time than others and, if so, that will be explained in more detail should it become a necessary component.

Once the assessment has been completed, we will have a follow up meeting to discuss our findings.  Our recommendations will present what are referred to as critical competence points, that really need attention, and less critical points. In addition, we will include our service recommendations for increasing competence and attaining your goals: personal development, inclusion, increased productivity, and increased return on investment.

Associates for Inclusion Assessment service is a stand-alone service not requiring any complimentary service with purchase but does however include a required consultation.  Please follow the link to register and know that we look forward to providing high-quality, efficient and effective assessment services.

Diversity & Inclusion Plan Development 

Our Diversity & Inclusion Plan Development services bring together all of our research efforts: assessments, surveys and focus groups, in order to design the best plan for attaining your goals and increasing cultural competence.  

In developing your Diversity & Inclusion Plan, we work to link the power in diversity & inclusion to your goals such that your aspirations for success can be achieved.  The standard process usually includes an extensive review of individual or organizational history: issues, problems, complaints, as well as a close review of goals, mission, policies, procedures, and so forth, in order to identify the presence of any inclusion gaps that may exist.

Once your plan has been developed, minus the removal of barriers to inclusion, we are then prepared to present your individual or organizations plan for success.  

Associates for Inclusion Plan Development service is not a stand-alone service and must be complimented at a minimum of FREE pre-consultation and assessment services.  Please, follow the link to register and know that we look forward to providing services that move your organization toward change in increased productivity, increased cultural competence, increased employee engagement/recognition, and greater return on investment.

Diversity & Inclusion Plan Implementation Strategy

Our Diversity & Inclusion Plan Implementation Strategy is a plan specifically designed for you, your community or business.  Implementing a plan that is designed to bring about change is not often an immediate occurrence and may even require some plan adjustments before showing promise of change.  

Of course, one certainty is that Associates for Inclusion will weather any bumps in the road and provide assurance that we can and will attain your goals of increasing productivity and getting a greater return on your investment - and yes, increasing cultural competence in the process.

The primary and key element to having a successful plan implementation strategy that effects change is having a sincere commitment in two areas.  The first priority commitment is having the buy-in by the leadership, the individual or community leaders, Chief Executive Officer or business owner.  Next, is the committment of resources that are necessary to sustain the level of professionalism and the time needed to complete implemetation and potentially on-going assessment of the plan.  

Associates for Inclusion Plan Implementation Strategy service is not a stand-alone service and must be complimented by FREE pre-consultation, Assessment, and Diversity & Inclusion Plan Development services.  Please, follow the link to register and know that we look forward to providing high-quality, efficient and effective assessment services.

Diversity & Inclusion Educational TrainingProgram

Our Diversity & Inclusion Educational Training Program is half hour to 1 hour listening sessions, designed to provide a journey, some experience and much motivation.  Not just your normal speaker, we really work hard at delivering substantive discussions, based on historical facts and outcomes.  

Associates for Inclusion trainers are encouraged to supplement discussions with insightful illustrations that bring appreciation and understanding to the cultural compentence and discrimination dialogue.  The speaker is focused at delivering awareness about those classes protected by federal law to include: race, class, age, religion, sex and LBGTQ status.

Our goal is to assist participants in a personal assessment of their own competence, discuss ways in which to improve competence,  talk about the root causes of racism, prejudice and discrimination, discuss the effect and impact of discrimination upon groups or classes of people, and identify the role we each can play in eliminating this virus.

At Associates for Inclusion, it is our expectation that change, in the form of increased productivity, greater return on investment and cultural competence, is forthcoming.

Associates for Inclusion Diversity & Inclusion Educational Training Program is a stand-alone service that does not require any additional services purchase.  Please, follow the link to register and know that we look forward to welcoming you, your community, or your company into the world of inclusion.‹  

Diversity & Inclusion Workshop

Our Diversity & Inclusion Workshops are half and/ or full day working sessions designed for participants, executives and employees, to explore their personal and professional experiences in order to enhance their cultural readiness for the workforce.  

As an individual candidate for employment, announcing on your resume that you have been certified in cultural competence as a diverse professional means something.  What does that mean and what's it worth?

Well, to answer the last question first, what's most important to the business, that would be the professional who brings "less liability" in regards to decreased potential for causing employment discrimination suits, less likely to insight incidence between affinity groups, and who, through his/her increased cultural competence, helps to motivate teamwork, increase positive employee engagement, generate ideas, increase productivity and ultimately bring a greater return on investment to the company's bottom line.  

Now, as for the first question, what it means to be a culturally competent professional is to be knowledgeable, appreciative, adaptive and someone who respects the professional capabilities of the individual in the cubicle next to him. Even greater, you're a professional who is now culturally competent, excited about the difference your contributions will make in fulfilling your own personal goals and the goals of the team, the community, and your company - welcome to inclusion.

Associates for Inclusion, Diversity & Inclusion Workshop is a stand-alone service that does not require any additional services purchase. Please follow the link to register and know that we look forward to welcoming you into the world of inclusion.

Annual Re-Evalution & Educational Training Program

Our Annual Re-Evaluation & Educational Training Program is designed to keep you, your community and your industry current and culturally competent.  Once we've assessed, treated and made the necessary changes to attain your goals, we want to ensure that the level of success you're experiencing is maintained.  

In re-evaluating the implemented Diversity & Inclusion strategy, we focus our attention on any changes or occurrences, inclusion gaps, barriers, systemic policy or procedural flaws and make recommendations accordingly.

In many instances the Educational training is provided in conjunction with the Re-Evaluation in order to address any current events or episodes that might make the organization goals and cultural competence advances vulnerable.  Additionally, it provides the opportunity to train new employees and adjust for any identified policy changes that are negatively impacting the overall strategic plan.  

Associates for Inclusion Annual Re-Evaluation & Educational Training Program services is not a stand-alone service and must be complimented with a FREE pre-consultation, Assessment, Diversity & Inclusion plan development, and Diversity & Inclusion Plan Implementation Strategy.  Please, follow the link to register and know that we look forward to providing high-quality, efficient and effective assessment services.

Diversity & Inclusion Support Group

Our Diversity & Inclusion Support Groups are both actual and virtual support groups designed as a public outlet of expression for community members to gather peacefully and dialogue about cultural diversity, inclusion and any current diversity events or issues of the day.  

As a participant, members are encouraged to enter our group forums as mature adults and to adhere to our participation guidelines, which include being respectful to the opinions of others and having patience as they freely express themselves for greater understanding, increased level of cultural competence and personal development.

We ask our members to encourage, share and demonstrate the power of inclusion within their family, circle of friends, co-workers and wherever possible - "talk about your experiences." Please, let them know that we invite them to join our dialogue and our movement to eliminate racism, prejudice and discrimination - JOIN US!

Please, follow the link to register and know that we look forward to providing high-quality, efficient and effective assessment services.

Associates for Inclusion Public Speak & Motivation

Associates for Inclusion Public Speak & Motivation is our means of voicing our opinion against Racism, Prejudice, Discrimination and encouraging the world to join us.  

As diversity professionals, we welcome the opportunity to share with your audience either a pre-designed or customized presentation about the ills of discrimination, its history, its impact upon the people it has so often tormented and the coping strategies for going forward free of its hold.  

We deliver a high intensity, engaging and dramatic presentation that's intended to honor those who have suffered and shine the light upon those who have ridiculed inclusion, and seemingly escaped justice.  

In our discussions, we take a journey back in time: theorize as to the origins of humans and their migration (Asian, African and European) in relation to diversity, we speak of their biological transformation over time and we track them via development and biology, we highlight the divisive nature, the collective self and we bring your audience together, united by the realization of our wholeness as one people.  Your audience will be challenged and changed, as we welcome them into the world of inclusion. 

Associates for Inclusion Speak & Motivation is a stand-alone service not requiring any complimentary services be purchased.  Please, follow the link to register and know that we look forward to providing high-quality, efficient and effective Public Speak and Motivational services.

Referral Services

Our referral services are intended to guide your interest in the direction toward resources which might be beneficial in addressing your issues, concerns and fulfilling your goals.

Associates for Inclusion Referral Service is a courtesy service of which no purchase is required.  We wish you the best of your aspirations and thank you for contacting Associates for Inclusion.
SHRM Article Provides insight on selecting a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

  1. Where cultural divide exists between people, communities and industry, we facilitate inclusion.
  2. We consult with politicians and political campaigns on the importance of measured political discourse or rhetoric and its impact upon a diversified voting public.
  3. We work with citizens and community leaders to strengthen relations with local government agencies.
  4. We work with Sports Organizations and Programs to address employee and player diversity issues.
  5. We provide guidance and support for people seeking to increase their cultural competence.
  6. We help businesses make the link between diversity, increased productivity and greater return on investment.
  7. We provide cultural diversity training and workshops to line staff, managers, directors, executives and business owners.
  8. We work with law enforcement agencies on community policing initatives.
  9. We provide training to low income, middle class and wealthy people about the hidden rules of culture.
  10. We promote the right of ALL people to have their own identity, opinion and the opportunity to express themselves.