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Associates for Inclusion is a mentoring, motivational, cultural diversity and inclusion consulting firm founded by it's Executive Director - Certified Diversity Professional (CDP), Mr. Darrell L. Feagin, Sr., CDP.

Born the thirteenth of seventeen children to Mr. Robert Lee and Mrs. Beatrice Doss Feagin, as an adolescent, Mr. Feagin and his family traveled the Eastern coast of the United States, as far north as Maine and as far south as Florida City, in Miami Dade county, working. as farm laborers harvesting agriculture crops.

Mr. Feagin recalls, "though at times it was a miserable way of life, there was always comfort in family, faith, values, great food and good friends from an assortement of cultures and backgrounds.  My family always embraced other people and, from that wealth of exposure, I gained an insatiable appetite and appreciation for people who were different from me." Read more...

Much in the likeness of its founder and the gift he discovered through inclusion through his family, Associates for Inclusion is an organization whose mission is to increase cultural competence in people, communities and industry around the world.

Mr. Feagin, is a graduate of Florida State University (FSU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a minor in Political Science, as well as a graduate of Diversity Training University International (DTUI) where he earned his certification as a Certified Diversity Professional. 

Mr. Feagin, is currently, the Corporate Executive Officer (CEO) of LEGACCY - USA, Inc., DBA Good Sports - USA a youth mentoring program.  In addition,  Mr. Feagin, serves as the Student Program Coordinator of the SEC (Situantional Environmental Circumstance) Mentoring Program administered by Florida State University - Center for Leadership & Social Change, is a Goodwill Industries Certified Retail Professional and a trained Getting Ahead Facilitator.

In addition, Mr. Feagin, is a life long Human and Civil Rights activist, ACLU member, member of the esteemed Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., a published author, and U.S. patented Inventor.

As well, Mr. Feagin is a former S and 8a Corporation Executive, and a former Florida Blue - 215 Licensed Insurance Agent.

Each Associates for Inclusion Certified Diversity Professional is, first and foremost, vetted as a compassionate consultant who is skilled in personal and professional experiences needed to to motivate people toward positive change and meaningful bottom line results.




At Associates for Inclusion, we're looking to welcome and meet the call for increasing mentoring skills, motivation and cultural competence wherever the personal or professional need exists, including:

Among our children, long before many enter private and/ or public educational institutions, they are being indoctrinated with various discriminatory behaviors, including racism.  In fact, many of these students will go on without ever being confronted or challeged on their learned misconceptions - we can help. Learn more...

If you're an individual in need of personal-cultural-coaching on increasing your mentoring skills, motivation, cultural competence, embracing the differences in your community and advancing your career as an asset to industry, we're available to provide the guidance you need to attain your goals - we can help.  Learn more...

If you're a member of a community, or community action group,  confronted with racially charged incidents: police brutality, racial profiling, or incidents generating tension between races, ethnic or other groups - we can help.  Learn more...

If you're a law enforcement organization suffering the public outcry and backlash from the poor choices of a few or you're simply  seeking to increase the mentoring skills, motivation, cultural competence of officers and administrators - we can help.  Learn more...

If you're the HR Department for a fortune 500 company, a mid-size or small business looking to increase the mentoring skills, motivation, cultural competence of your employees, decrease liability, decrease EEO complaints, increase productivity and get a better return on your investment - we can help. Learn more...

If you're a politician, political campaign or campaign manager seeking to navigate the mine field of mentoring, motivation, cultural diversity with talking points that are meaningful, attract and appeal to a specific cultural demographic - we can help.  Learn more...

If you're a sports organization looking to increase minority representation in executive and front office operations,  provide management with insight into working with diverse populations or you're seeking to increase mentoring, motivation, cultural comptence; among coaches, teamates, teams, and fans - we can help.  Learn more...
Please, take the time you need to review and learn more about our services; if you have questions, please, write them down for discussion during your consultation.

We look forward to both speaking and working with you.  

Just a Taste...

  1. Where cultural divide exists between people, communities and industry, we facilitate inclusion.
  2. We consult with politicians and political campaigns on the importance of measured political discourse or rhetoric and its impact upon a diversified voting public.
  3. We work with citizens and community leaders to strengthen relations with local government agencies.
  4. We work with Sports Organizations and Programs to address employee and player diversity issues.
  5. We provide guidance and support for people seeking to increase their cultural competence.
  6. We help businesses make the link between diversity, increased productivity and greater return on investment.
  7. We provide cultural diversity training and workshops to line staff, managers, directors, executives and business owners.
  8. We work with law enforcement agencies on community policing initatives.
  9. We provide training to low income, middle class and wealthy people about the hidden rules of culture.
  10. We promote the right of ALL people to have their own identity, opinion and the opportunity to express themselves.

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