Certified Diversity and Inclusion Professionals

Founder's Story

Darrell L. Feagin, Sr., CDP
Founder and Chief Certified Diversity Professional
Associates for Inclusion

Fortunate and quite eager to leave the agricultural world behind, Darrell L. Feagin, Sr., founder and Senior consultant at Associates for Inclusion pursued and became the second of seventeen siblings to graduate from college. 

In his first, formal protest, Mr. Feagin joined a small group of students on the campus of Florida State University, where they forced a sit-in against the university, calling for its divestment of assets in South Africa's apartheid economy.
"A transition took hold of me, I became angry at the White masses" and that anger, along with a growing appetite for solutions, states Mr. Feagin, "forced me underground into group associations that favored the Black Power Movement.

What was it that angered him and then transformed him back into the compassionate young man his parents had reared?  Mr. Feagin recalls, "I spent countless hours reading Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan, Malcom X, Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr. Naim Akbar, the Holy Bible, the Koran, the Torah and many other books. It seemed the more I read, the angrier I became, and the more disillusioned and distant I became with the "American Dream"." 

After taking part in the graduation ceremony in 1988, at FSU, Mr. Feagin had the fortunate luck to return to the University for the Completion of several semester hours he had taken out of residence.  It is during this period that Mr. Feagin's internal turmoil (his discovery of what had fueled his anger) would come full circle and his life, after befriending the renowned African-American psychologist Dr. Naim Akbar, would change forever.

In all his time as a student at Florida State University in the Department of Psychology, Mr. Feagin reports he had never before met or taking a class from Professor Akbar.  Over the next several years, following his graduation, Mr. Feagin became a student protégé, aid and travel assistant to Dr. Akbar.  Mr. Feagin recalls, "I spent a great deal of time reading his books, picking his brain, listening to his recorded lectures and asking questions" in a small office situated just off of the FSU campus in a practice Dr. Akbar called "Mind Productions". 

"Mind Productions increased my thirst for knowledge; my experiences working alongside Dr. Akbar helped to channel my anger into positive and constructive efforts. I left Mind Productions in the early 90's, without returning, but I left with a renewed commitment to the struggles of the disadvantaged, to combat racism, prejudice, and discrimination and to find a resolve in my love for all mankind."

In addition to the values and work ethic taught by his parents, his appreciation of the Africans who suffered and survived as African-Americans, his work experiences with Dr. Naim Akbar, his studies of human suffrage and a heavy diet of Brothers Malcom X and Cheikh Anta Diop, Mr. Feagin believes these people and these experiences, respectively; influenced, guided and enriched his life, and thus it is to each of them he is grateful and personally indebted.

In the years to come, Mr. Feagin would see parts of his activist journey realized; such as the moment in Miami Dade County wherein he raced alongside the limousine motorcade of Mr. Nelson Mandela, who after serving 27 years in prison and following his release had now risen to become the president of South Africa.

In another memorable experience, Mr. Feagin recalls his turbulent journey and attendance at the 1995 Million Man March on Washington D.C., where “I came to understand that ideals and aspirations without actions will bear no fruit, however should you rise up and take action, there is no people, place or thing greater that can stop you!”

It was during this period that Mr. Feagin proclaimed his future pursuits to be for the inclusion of all people to have access to education, the resources and the opportunity to be free.


  1. Where cultural divide exists between people, communities and industry, we facilitate inclusion.
  2. We consult with politicians and political campaigns on the importance of measured political discourse or rhetoric and its impact upon a diversified voting public.
  3. We work with citizens and community leaders to strengthen relations with local government agencies.
  4. We work with Sports Organizations and Programs to address employee and player diversity issues.
  5. We provide guidance and support for people seeking to increase their cultural competence.
  6. We help businesses make the link between diversity, increased productivity and greater return on investment.
  7. We provide cultural diversity training and workshops to line staff, managers, directors, executives and business owners.
  8. We work with law enforcement agencies on community policing initatives.
  9. We provide training to low income, middle class and wealthy people about the hidden rules of culture.
  10. We promote the right of ALL people to have their own identity, opinion and the opportunity to express themselves.

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